20 May 2018


Diamond Multimedia Fire GL 2000 PCI + Video Driver

Company: Diamond Multimedia
Model: Fire GL 2000 PCI +
Operating System: Windows 95b (osr2) (Note: might work with other versions of this os.)

File: FIREGL2000.zip


Diamond Multimedia Fire GL 2000 PCI + Driver. When first produced, this was the video card of your dreams designed specifically for high-end machines running AutoCAD. It has dual monitor support onboard but the drivers were only written for Windows 95 and DirectX 3.0 (included).

It is possible to load the drivers under Windows 98 SE by selecting the older versions of the drivers as Windows tries to install them. You will be prompted to decide whether to leave the newer files or to overwrite with the older ones. Be sure to select NO and let the older ones be installed.

Beware that this will only work for the video drivers and not for the rest of the feature drivers that come with this driver set. If you try to install all the advanced features under Windows 98 and overwrite all the new files with the older versions from this driver set, you will get a Windows Protection Error and will not be able to load Windows. This is due to the mixing of different versions of DirectX and OpenGL drivers. If you do this, you will need to reload Windows! I know I tried it! Afterwards, you will, however, see the advanced features tabs under the properties window for the display settings. Even so, some of the features will not work because during Windows 98 re-install, the newer drivers were installed that are not compatible with the video drivers provided in this Windows 95 driver set.

Now for a quick techncial note about hwo I arranged the files

1. Un-zip the FireGL2000 file to an empty directory (I would lable it FireGL2000).

2. Within the main zip file, you will find seven other Zip files. These correspond to Folders that were on the original installation disk. You need to create seven folders and name them according to the names of the seven Zip files. These folders need to be located inside the empty folder into which you will extract the initial files that appeared when you first un-zipped the FireGL2000 Zip file [Autorun.inf Makedisk.exe Start.exe Readme_d.txt Readme_e.txt].

3. Un-Zip those seven Zip files making sure to extract the contents of each into the appropriate folder that you just created.

4. Run the Start.exe file.

File Contents:
Length Date Time Name -------- ---- ---- ---- 3652 09-15-97 16:38 README_D.TXT 315584 06-04-97 15:28 MAKEDISK.EXE 66 05-07-96 15:09 AUTORUN.INF 3238 09-15-97 16:38 README_E.TXT 82293 04-30-96 14:44 START.EXE 1060105 05-26-03 22:53 3dwin.zip 226742 05-26-03 22:52 Bigfocus.zip 2249234 05-26-03 22:52 Directx3.zip 984855 05-26-03 22:52 Incontrl.zip 162892 05-26-03 22:52 Install.zip 850162 05-26-03 22:52 Opengl.zip 1267662 05-26-03 22:51 Win95.zip -------- ---- 7206485 12 files

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