16 Jul 2024


SiS Corporation M598LMR or M598MR Video Driver

Company: SiS Corporation
Model: M598LMR or M598MR
Operating System: Windows 2000 Professional (Note: might work with other versions of this os.)


File: 530_108e_win2000.zip


SiS Corporation M598LMR or M598MR Driver. For Win2000 and Directx v.7 ONLY!

Win98 users can learn alot from this as well. SIS, Pc chips, Amptron or Hsing has not supplied as of 5/12/03 with an updated driver for Directx V8 or V9.0.

To Check your Graphics, go to Start, Run, type "dxdiag". Go to the Display tab, All 3 should say Enabled. If you installed this driver, and you have win2000 and DX7.0, and all 3 are not Enabled. Then do the following

Contol Panel - System, Hardware, Device Manager

Diplay - Uninstall Graphic Driver

Go to Start, Find, Search for all instance of graphic drivers manually, say *530*.* and delete them one at a time into your Recycle Bin, except to not delete this installation file when you delete them so be very careful to not delete this file!!!

Reinstall this driver, it should work. Go to Start, Run, Dxdiag Display, all 3 should be Enabled.

AGP Accleration etc. One other place if you have alot of errors is to slide the ruler under Control panel, Display, Advanced, Troubleshooting to Basic Hardware Acceleration, until you install everything or put it to Full Acceleration if you have done everything correctly.

For all you Win9x users, you have one BIG benefit over Win2000 and XP users like myself. You don't have to reformat your hard drive if you Upgraded to Directx 8.0 or Directx 9.0 like us Win2000 users do. If you want AGP support, first go to SIS.com and get the right driver for Win9x. Do it now, open up Internet Exporer and download driver for SIS 530, then

(Only if you upgraded Directx7.0 to Directx 8.0 or Direct9.0 by mistake)

1) Click on c then windows folder

2) Find Win.com file and rename/change it to say Win2.com.

3) Reinstall Windows 95 or 98. Windows will not disturb your registry and will revert back to Directx 5.0.

4) About 40 mins later after install, you will notice now if you Run, "dxdiag" Directx has reverted back to 5.0 might be 4.0 for win95. Ok great, you just saved 3 days if you had to reformat your hard drive reinstall all your apps and backups, etc. Now find a CD maybe a game.

4) Now find a CD with Directx 7 on it, most Game Disks or Multimedia Disks have at least 6.0. Locate the Dxdiag folder on that disk. Install Directx 6 or 7.

5) Once you do that, install the driver you already have from SIS.com for Graphics running Win9x.

6) Your computer should be getting close to where it should be. Rememeber if you have problems with installing SIS' graphic driver, uninstall it, then manually find all instance of SIS530 on your hard drive by doing a START, FIND, SEARCH for *530*.* and delete them one at a time. I had to do this when I was running Win98 to get it to work right.

7) Go to Start, Run, DxDiag, Display, should read all Enabled,

Your Done Win9X users. Lastly, one other thing is you should have make sure the tab on Control Panel then Display... is set to Full Hardware Accleration.

For Win2000 users who upgraded to Directx 8 or Directx 9.0, your screwed. 2options, 1 reformat hard drive and start over, Note see you in 2 weeks when you finally finish updating your computer and configure every applciation you had on it. The best thing is to just get a $40-$50 Graphic Card PCI and put it in the computer slot, and your done. 2 hours to buy it online or at Best Buy.

Good Luck. Take it from someone who did the 2 weeks, break open the wallet and save yourself a bunch of time and trouble!

File Contents:
Length Date Time Name -------- ---- ---- ---- 7260 07-17-00 15:41 WIN2000/SIS530.CAT 3303 07-07-00 17:14 WIN2000/SIS530.INF 72833 06-24-00 09:40 WIN2000/SIS530P.SYS 186369 06-24-00 09:38 WIN2000/SIS530V.DLL 32768 06-28-00 15:06 WIN2000/VB530.ROM -------- ---- 302533 5 files

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