14 Apr 2024


Corel CorelDRAW 10 Video Driver

Company: Corel
Model: CorelDRAW 10
Operating System:   (Note: might work with other versions of this os.)


File: D10sp1BP.EXE


Corel CorelDRAW 10 Driver. CorelDRAW 10

Installation Instructions


Please note: This Service Pack can be installed on a stand alone workstation. It should not be executed on a network installation.

This Service Pack updates the following versions:

CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite

CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite (Download from the Web, Purchase First Option)

Please note: Service Pack 1 does not apply to trial versions which have been purchased after downloading and installing. If you have purchased CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite from a trial version, please contact Corel Customer Service for information on how to obtain an update.

If you have installed the CorelDRAW 10 Try Before You Buy version, and then installed a full version of CorelDRAW 10 from CD, please do the following before installing Service Pack 1:

Delete the following file and folder if they exist on your system:

Delete file: \Windows\VBox\Licenses\CorelDRAW10_10_4DDB.lic

Delete folder: \Windows\VBox\Installers\Corel_CorelDRAW10_10.1_en-us

Each application has a version number. To determine the version number of your installation, click Help, About in any application, or check the volinfo.txt file at the root of CD #1. The version numbers of the applications in CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite are as follows:

CorelDRAW 10:

10.410- Initial Release

10.427- Service Pack 1


10.410- Initial Release

10.427- Service Pack 1

Corel R.A.V.E.:

10.410- Initial Release

10.427- Service Pack 1

This Service Pack supplies all of the components needed to update an existing installation of CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite.

If you have difficulty updating CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite, install a fresh copy of CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite from your CD-ROM, restart your machine and try running the Service Pack again.

Quick Instructions

Download the Service Pack onto your system

Double-click the file "D10sp1en.exe" to begin the update.

Read the Welcome screen, then click the "Next" button to continue.

Read the Software License Agreement, then, if you agree with the terms and conditions, click the "Yes" button to continue.

When the update is complete, click the "Finish" button.

Restart your system when prompted

If you encounter any technical difficulties installing Service Pack 1, please contact Corel Technical Support or consult the CorelDRAW 10 Installation Technical Support newsgroup.

Revisions Included in Service Pack 1

Application Revisions

CorelDRAW® 10 Revisions

Corel PHOTO-PAINT® 10 Revisions

Corel R.A.V.E.? 1.0 Revisions

CorelDRAW® 10 Engine Revisions

Application Revisions


Workspace Customization is now preserved after the application has been restarted.

Opening Dockers on certain systems will no longer result in an error.

Issue with customizing Bitmap Effects functions on command bars resulting in memory handle errors have been resolved.

CorelDRAW® 10 Revisions


Issues with the outline width controls have been resolved. Issues with the Zoom tool when Dockers are opened have been resolved.

Double clicking on a file in Windows® Explorer no longer launches a second instance of CorelDRAW if CorelDRAW is already running.

Duplicate distance and nudge settings are now editable in files created with previous versions of CorelDRAW.

Issues with CorelDRAW not closing down properly have been resolved.

General performance issues have been addressed.


Drop Shadows using inside Rollover objects are now retained when opening a file.

Bitmap Effects now work correctly when logged onto the system as a Power User.

File I/O:

Errors when trying to save graphics with double byte characters in the file name have been resolved.


Issues with Text appearing in the original location after being moved or edited have been addressed.

Format text dialog now retains changes to the Line Unit setting.

Display issues with the text cursor have been addressed.

Differences when text is being edited and selected with the Pick tool have been addressed.

Copying and Pasting Double Byte text now works properly.

Corel PHOTO-PAINT® 10 Revisions


Refresh problems when using the clone tool have been addressed.

The Mask Brush tool has been optimized to work faster.

All Mask tools now support anti-aliasing in subtractive mask mode.

Loss of detail in image resampling between 50-99% has been addressed.

Palette used to convert a 24-bit RGB movie to Paletted will now sample from all frames.


Random errors within the Bitmap Effects have been addressed.

Gausian Blur now applies to the entire object and isn't limited to the object boundary.

Bitmap Effects now work correctly when logged onto the system as a Power User.

File I/O:

Random crashes when using the Web Image Optimizer have been resolved for single processor computers.

Transparency on Objects is now supported properly when exporting to formats that support images without a background.

All frames are now exported for Gif - Animation movies which have objects merged on export.


Text in CMYK colors now retains the color properly.

Corel R.A.V.E.? 1.0 Revisions


Issue with items shifting when keyframes are added has been resolved.

Errors occurring when adding keyframes or editing the properties of a keyframe have been resolved.


Instability when working with lens' has been resolved.

Editing the second level of a PowerClip? no longer creates errors.

Audio that has been imported now loops properly.

CorelDRAW® 10 Engine Revisions


Type 1 fonts now download properly when selecting a PPD and printing to file. Errors occurring when printing Type 1 fonts to some printers have been addressed.

Grayscale objects will only print on the Black plate when a color profile is applied.



PDF - Monochrome bitmaps in a PDF file now import properly.

DCS - Imported files now separate properly.


PDF - Character spacing issues have been addressed.

PDF- Registration marks now show on more than just the black plate.

GIF - Color palettes are now created using all frames, not just the first frame of the animation.

Web Image Optimizer:

Web Image Optimizer now defaults to anti-aliased graphics when exporting from CorelDRAW.

Web Image Optimizer now exports the objects that are selected in CorelDRAW instead of always exporting the entire page.

Download time estimates in Web Image Optimizer are more accurate.

CorelDRAW 10 Graphics Suite Service Pack 1 (Brazilian Portuguese)

Graphics Driver File

File Contents:
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